Candles made with the purest essential oils, natural soy wax and cotton wicks. Hand poured on the Kent Coast.


Milkwood x SELJ - Dulwich

Milkwood x SELJ - Dulwich


The name Dulwich or 'Dilwihs' was first recored in 967 AD and means ‘marshy meadow where dill grows’. A subtle inflection of dill combined with the calm and uplifting notes of lavender makes this a restorative and calming blend. We loved this blend so much, we have added it into our permanent collection under the name of 'Bloom'.


120ml: provides a subtle but effective scent in a standard sized room. If you have a large space, consider burning two, or team it with our reed diffuser.

Hand made in England using only sustainable natural wax and essential oils.

- no synthetic colours
- no synthetic fragrance
- vegan
- not tested on animals
- no parabens
- no petrochemicals
- no mineral oils

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