Candles made with the purest essential oils, natural soy wax and cotton wicks. Hand poured on the Kent Coast.


Japanese Rock Diffuser - Library

Japanese Rock Diffuser - Library


These volcanic rocks work in two ways; they diffuse natural scent into the home, as well as absorbing unwanted odors and moisture. A subtle scent which works well in workspaces and wardrobes alike. Leave the jar open or place the rocks in a dish. To re-scent, add a few drops of the Library essential oil blend as often as desired. To recharge / re-purify the rocks, lay them outside in direct sunlight for an hour every couple of months.

A blend so evocative, it will transport you over eras to your favourite literarian’s haunt. A dark and heady mix of wood, oak and tobacco notes, this is only for the finest of wordsmiths.

Hand made in England using only essential oils and natural ingredients in a glass bottle.

All our products come hand wrapped; our labels are renewable GF Smith paper which is made from recycled coffee cups.

- vegan
- not tested on animals
- no parabens
- no synthetic colours
- no synthetic fragrance
- no petrochemicals
- no mineral oils

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